Friday, 2 September 2011

Susheila Juggapah: 38 Degrees volunteer and ... ex-President QMUL Socialist Students Society

One of 38 Degrees' eager young volunteers left Queen Mary's College, part of University of London, this year after studying History and Politics. Whilst she was there she was President of the Socialist Students Society.

The hilarious blurb of the QMUL Socialist Students Society reads as follows:

Socialist Students is a society for anyone who is a socialist, wants to find out more about socialist ideas or wants to campaign on issues from stopping the fees hike and cuts to education, to solidarity with movements across the world.

Socialism is a society run democratically for need not profit, not the anarchy of the speculators who triggered the financial and economic crisis. Marx was right – capitalism means economic crisis. Socialist Students provides an open and democratic forum for you to discuss how socialism relates to the world today, to hear ideas and work out what you think, and to put questions and ideas forward for others.

Save education - Stop cuts and privatisation!

The Con-Dem government are out to destroy university education, tripling fees and slashing funding to try to force universities to act like businesses or go bankrupt. Socialist Students actively campaign against the fees hike, and to unite students and staff to stop cuts in jobs or facilities. We are campaigning for education to be free, with no fees and grants to support living costs at university and college.

Students were the first to take to the streets in a mass fight against the con-dans cuts last autumn. Now we need to link up with workers in the trade unions and the wider community in fighting the con-Dem cuts. We are opposed to all cuts in jobs, services and benefits, whether they are carried out by the Con-Dem government, or by Tory Liberal or Labour councils.

Socialist students supports Youth Fight for Jobs and the Jarrow March for jobs beginning in October 2011.

If you want to campaign against fee increases, cuts, racism, sexism and other forms of prejudice, poverty and fight for a better society, Socialist Students is for you!

So Marx was right! And pigs might fly. And 38 Degrees is apolitical.

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