Friday, 2 September 2011

Henry Tinsley: 38 Degrees founder and ... Lib-Lab pact nostalgic

Henry Tinsley made his fortune out of Green & Blacks chocolate and now meddles in politics indirectly through 38 Degrees and blogs such as Labourlist and Left Foot Forward.  He is also a direct funder of both the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, see here. 

Tinsley put up £5,000 toward the Labourlist blog through his Betterworld vehicle which according to the Telegraph he also uses in his political giving.  One might ask why this saint of a man chooses to give through a company.  Could it be more tax efficient?  Pot?  Black?  Kettle? 

Some of Tinsley’s comments on the Labourlist blog make his politics pretty clear (unless there is another Henry Tinsley or someone impersonating him). 

Silly me: I voted Labour in May in the belief that they were serious about their commitment to AV...
Henry Tinsley on the Tories:
The more pertinent point is that at a time when we are threatened with a gruesome Tory government, it might be sensible for progressives to try to find common ground rather than (self) indulging in primitive tribal slanging matches. Or is that too much to ask? 

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