Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Is 38 Degrees founder a hypocrite?

38 Degrees founder Henry Tinsley made his fortune out of Green & Blacks chocolate and now meddles in politics indirectly through 38 Degrees and blogs such as Labourlist and Left Foot Forward. He is also a direct funder of both the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties, see here.

Tinsley put up £5,000 toward the Labourlist blog through his Betterworld vehicle which according to the Telegraph he also uses in his political giving.

Earlier this year 38 Degrees paid for ads like this to appear in national newspapers, although some turned them down, notably the Telegraph and Daily Mail. See here and here. They were pretty unpleasant and their £120 billion figure is ludicrously wrong. They imply that we could eliminate the deficit with the stroke of a pen, or at least the closure of a few loopholes. Fantasy.

Is Betterworld a tax saving wheeze? Does it mean that Tinsley gets more bang for his meddling buck? Is he a typical do as I say rather than do as I do Socialist? Perhaps he will let us know.

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