Thursday, 8 September 2011

Henry Tinsley: 38 Degrees founder and ... £250K political donor

I haven’t been able to find a picture of 38 Degrees’ founding benefactor, Henry Tinsley, on the web. As a result of him using the company Betterworld as a tax efficient vehicle for his political and campaign giving I have been able to find his home address. I don’t want to publish it obviously but I figured I would use this image from Streetview of his four storey, double fronted Notting Hill mansion to illustrate this post.

Tinsley is a massive political donor. In the last five years he has given £128,250 to the Labour party as the report below from the Electoral Commission donors database shows.

£5,000 was given towards Ed Milibands’ leadership campaign. £2,250 went to Karen Buck’s marginal Westminster North constituency. £121,000 went to Labour party central funds.

Tinsley is a bit of a political cross dresser so he is also a big Liberal Democrat donor giving them £114,250. Of this £61,750 went to the Liberal Democrat party central funds. £52,500 went to individual marginal LibDem constituencies. Bizarrely Tinsley hankers for another Lib-Lab pact.

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