Friday, 2 September 2011

Marie Campbell: 38 Degrees paid staffer and ... Green Party candidate

38 Degrees’ paid campaigner, Marie Campbell, omits to mention in her biog that she stood in May 2010 as a Green Party Parliamentary candidate in the Glasgow South constituency. It was only last year. Strange that she has forgotten this big event in her life.

She only managed to get 961 votes or 2.4% of the turnout when she stood as a Green candidate so she has "sold out" and moved south to London and is now operating under 38 Degrees’ false flag.

It is not as if Campbell was some kind of ingenue. She was Convenor of the Scottish Young Greens and worked in Patrick Harvie MSP's Glasgow regional office.

38 Degrees' claim that it is "Definitely not connected to any political party" seems a little fanciful.

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