Friday, 25 November 2011

Whiny zombies

Thin skinned 38 Degrees activists have taken offence at being called zombies by Tory MP Simon Burns earlier this week. Another word would be humourless. Their professional activist (get a life) executive director, David Babbs, was grumbling in the Huffington Post this week. Huff being the operative word.

I have another word for them: whiny. 85,000 38 Degrees zombies have written this whiny e-mail to Burns:

Dear Simon Burns,

We’re citizens, not zombies.

We have a right to be treated with respect by our MPs and to expect a reply when we get in touch.

Every British citizen has a right to be heard in our democracy. Thousands of us write to our MPs, because we care. Because we value democracy. Because the decisions you take affect us.

It’s your job to listen.

They also have the right to be ignored. I don’t suppose that many of these are Tory voters so I don’t suppose that Burns will be unduly worried. Hopefully his staff have the technology to send an automated reply so that not too much taxpayers’ money is wasted on this nonsense.


  1. Every member of 38 degrees is an NHS patient, unaccountable ? that is people who PROVIDE services being that. try reading facts not being an idiot

  2. You're telling a professional activist to "get a life"?

    And this blog is supposed to be a serious critique of the 38 degrees movement?