Tuesday, 15 November 2011

38 Degrees blind to BBC hegemony

38 Degrees’ anti-democratic twitter zombies are trying to influence Ofcom’s consideration of what criteria should be used to measure media plurality. Ofcom's consultation closes on November 18th so they are going a little crazy.

38 Degrees is so befuddled by its hatred of Rupert Murdoch it has totally lost any objectivity. 38 Degrees has set up a page to allow it zombie army to bombard Ofcom’s consultation with pre-prepared answers. 38 Degrees’ suggested wording is:

Dear Ofcom,

Re- consultation on measuring media plurality

I am calling for:

-no single person or corporation to be able to own more than 20% of the UK's newspapers, radio and TV stations

-details of any meetings between media corporations, government bodies and politicians to be made public

Please note that the BBC is a public institution and should not be treated in the same way as commercial broadcasters.

Hilariously 38 Degrees suggests a 20% rule but wants the BBC to be treated as a special case.

The BBC’s mullti-channel domination of news is truly awesome. Just so you know the numbers look at this Ofcom paper. TV has a 73% share of where people get their news from and the BBC owns a 70% share of that.

In addition to the 70% share of TV, the BBC has a 54% share of radio news and 40% share of page views of the top 50 news websites. Sky only has a 6% share of TV news. NI is big in papers, about 35%, but radio and online are almost as big as the newspaper segment. The BBC has a bigger share of radio and online than NI has of newspapers and the BBC’s share of TV news is double NI share of newspapers and a 12 times bigger share than Sky of the TV segment. The real news media plurality story in this country is the vast preponderance of the BBC.

If you want to make a real contribution to the consultation follow this link.

I told Ofcom:

The BBC as a corporate body should be treated identically to any other corporate body.

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